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About us

We are experts in the digitalisation of after-sales services for the consumer goods industry. Every day, we connect the consumer, the repairer, the logistician and the manufacturer. We combine inclusion and innovation to deliver the best after-sales customer experience while embedding our approach in the circular economy.

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About us

We are a French success story driven by the spirit of cooperation. 20 years ago, the founders of Agoragroup, manufacturers, decided to join forces to improve the reparability of appliances. They built a standardised platform, Agora, which brings together competitors and partners. This visionary approach is now central to the realities of many industries. Today, Agoragroup contributes to the repair of thousands of devices around the world.

Our mission?

Recognised as a public interest group by the European Commission since its creation, our group does not target the economic interests of our partners. Our business model is based on the productivity gains of each of our customers. Within the same tool, 10,000 companies can work natively (and regardless of their size) to bring quality repair to the consumer.

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Our history

The story of Agora began in 1997at the initiative of 8 groups in the French household appliance industry Brandt, B/S/H, Candy, Electrolux, Miele, Philips Whirlpool, Indesit. Led by the then market leader Brandt, their goal is to create a digital and mutual service to improve the productivity of all members of the after-sales service industry.

In 2002, Agora became a company with the first website.

As the strategy evolved, manufacturers (Beko, Franke, Schneider) and partners joined the venture. The Agoraplus solution is becoming an essential part of the repair process with a global management capability. Our ERP, Agoserve, and our warranty management solution GCPlusare also setting the standard in the industry.

Every year, Agoragroup improves its solutions and maintains its leadership with the aim of being a driver of innovation for the entire after-sales service of consumer goods.

Users all over the world

Our solutions are used in 80 countries in 17 languages.

Our services can respond in 6 languages.


Driving innovation is at the heart of our mission. The R&D team works every day to improve our solutions, in particular with user testing programmes in “early access”. We have also made available to our clients an API portal that is evolving and developing every day.

The customer service team works closely with the Labs to provide the best technical response. Each department collects and capitalises on information useful for the overall progress of our sector.

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