For over three years, Agoragroup has been making its mark in Tunisia, establishing a growing subsidiary in the heart of Tunis’s new business district: the Urban Center North.

In this article, we will delve into the successes, challenges, and lessons learned from this establishment.

Strategic Recruitment through LinkedIn:

The judicious use of LinkedIn has proven to be a major asset for Agoragroup in recruiting talent in Tunisia. The platform provided an ideal showcase to attract around twenty full-time employees, including engineers and customer service agents with experience ranging from 3 to 10 years. 80% of our employees were recruited via LinkedIn, with the remaining 20% recruited through referrals. Recruitment is thus easy, centralized, and digitized.

Successful Establishment Despite Local Challenges:

Administrative procedures were successfully managed despite some sluggishness. However, organizational adjustments were necessary to overcome certain challenges, such as managing public holidays that cannot be predicted in advance.

Valuing Diversity and Inclusion:

As a French agnostic company, AGORAGROUP has held meetings on its values, particularly emphasizing tolerance and respect for all religions. The company stands against any form of discrimination related to attire, promoting a welcoming environment where everyone is welcome, as long as religious debates remain outside the company’s doors. Additionally, Agoragroup’s offices in Tunis have 80% female employees, highlighting its commitment to women’s inclusion.

Overcoming Remote Management Obstacles:

The geographical distance between the executives based in Paris and Sophia-Antipolis and the team in Tunisia presented challenges in management. Agoragroup responded by appointing an office manager in Tunis, responsible for facilitating communication, addressing team needs, and improving the integration of new arrivals. This appointment aims to ensure proximity despite physical distance, a fundamental aspect of Agoragroup’s culture.

Active Engagement in the Business Community:

Membership in the Tunisian-French Chamber of Commerce in January 2024 strengthened Agoragroup’s presence within the local business community. This active involvement will lead to new encounters and the birth of Tunisian-French projects for the economic development of the region.

Outlook and Continued Engagement:

Agoragroup thus celebrates three years of existence in Tunisia, highlighting its commitment to establishing a robust subsidiary conducive to professional growth. Driven by the success of this establishment, Agoragroup persists in its commitment to recruit, train, and offer career advancement opportunities, thus instilling a spirit of continuous growth.

In summary, establishing a subsidiary in Tunisia proves accessible for well-structured SMEs and presents numerous advantages. Among these is the ability to recruit highly qualified resources in the IT field, a skill in scarcity in the French market.

We strongly encourage our partners in search of new growth engines to explore this opportunity!