Haier, one of the world’s largest manufacturers, has selected Agoraplus for the complete IT management of its after-sales service. Agoragroup confirms its position as the European leader in after-sales service. The group, founded in 1999, has a customer base of 10,000 in 70 countries in 2021. The international development continues while providing technological and human know-how to all the actors of the repair industry.

A leading solution for 20 years, Agoraplus remainsthe most complete platform on the market with technical documentation modules, home repair management (FSM) and the digitisation of invoicing, returns and exchange activities. Agoraplus regularly evolves based on feedback from its customers, all over the world. More than 50% of the group’s workforce is dedicated to innovation. Our mission remains above all to make the after-sales service chain increasingly productive for all players, from small craftsmen to large groups. “This great flexibility has attracted the manufacturer Haier, because it is a considerable advantage on the European market,” explains Emmanuel Benoit, CEO of Agoragroup.

The demand for after-sales service at the heart of customer relations

All manufacturers are committed to optimising their customer relations. This requirement implies an after-sales service that is both efficient and customer-oriented. Two aspects at the heart of Agoragroup’s DNA with a committed team involved in each project by combining technological know-how, industry expertise and a thorough understanding of the issues at stake. “Agoragroup remains one of the only groups capable of deploying an after-sales service platform in a few months, in a multilingual environment on several continents, while maintaining personalised contact with each stakeholder,” summarises Emmanuel Benoit.

Accelerating the international development of the after-sales service

The group was selected after a nine-month bidding process against strong competitors (SalesForces, Service Power…) “Our platform is one of the most advanced on the market and works worldwide at a lower cost than our competitors” explains Emmanuel Benoit, CEO of Agoragroup. Indeed, the group, whose mission has been recognised as being of general interest by the European Commission, is committed to the daily development of the repair sector. A strategy that will be rolled out worldwide by 2025. The collaboration with the Haier Group is a key step. An Agoragoup subsidiary has just been opened in North Africa and the next destinations are Latin America and Asia.

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