After Paris and Sophia-Antipolis, we are opening a new subsidiary in Tunis: Atlantis. This development is part of our international expansion strategy. We are starting the adventure in Tunisia with a team of full-stack technical profiles who will contribute to onboarding and enable us to continue to integrate some thirty new countries each year. A great collaboration with a country in full digital transformation.

Developing Tunisia’s digital potential.

“This new stage in our international expansion takes the form of a physical office, explains Emmanuel Benoit, CEO of Agoragroup, because we wanted to perpetuate a partnership that we had already started with Tunisian developers”. Thus, there is no question of subcontracting, but rather of building a subsidiary with stable and well-paid jobs. We are particularly interested in the quality of the technical profiles in Tunisia,” adds Emmanuel Benoit, “it is a country with a strong digital potential. Part of the team is already in place. Versatile profiles with 3 to 10 years’ experience as a developer and experience in project management. And also, a mixed team with a high gender balance. Recruitment is currently underway with developer positions to be filled.

Response to country-specific customer needs

In 2020, 30 new countries joined Agoragoup, most of them from the Adriatic and the Baltic. There is a strong increase of small countries with less than 5 million inhabitants in the sector. We responded to their request and now we have to change scale to meet their needs” explains Emmanuel Benoit. Indeed, Agoragroup’s mission, to improve the productivity of all, does not stop at the size or the border. The deployment of these new customers will be managed by Atlantis in Tunis. A cost structure also more in adequacy with the profile of these new entrants. After the installation of this subsidiary, the roadmap of the group is oriented towards Latin America and Asia.

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